Workshops & Seminars


2nd SWELL-FER Workshop on “Personality Traits and Subjective Wellbeing in the Life Course” – Turin 29th September 2014 (Collegio Carlo Alberto, Mocalieri)

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1st SWELL-FER Workshop – Turin 24/25 September 2013 (Collegio Carlo Alberto)


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DSCN7250Participants to the 1st SWELLFER workshop – 24/25 September 2013







SWELL-FER Seminar _ Turin 27th January 2014 (Collegio Carlo Alberto):  Sara della Bella “The relative contribution of genetic and environmental factors in explaining individual differences in life satisfaction: an empirical analysis using Italian family data” with Mario Lucchini and Luca Crivelli.

SWELL-FER Seminar_Turin 27th February 2014 (Collegio Carlo Alberto): Mario Lucchini “Forms and dynamics of multiple well-being and deprivation in contemporary Switzerland”

SWELL-FER Seminar_Turin 21st March 2014 (Collegio Carlo Alberto):  Viviana Patti “Felicitta: Visualizing and Estimating Happiness in Italian Cities from Geotagged Tweets” Leonardo Allisio, Valeria Mussa, Cristina Bosco, Viviana Patti and Giancarlo Ruffo

SWELL-FER Seminar_Turin 23rd May 2014 (Collegio Carlo Alberto): Nicoletta Balbo & Bruno Arpino: Do parents have a happier life than non-parents? The role of preferences.


SWELL-FER Seminar_Turin 20th March 2015 (Collegio Carlo Alberto): Chiara Saraceno: Subjective well being between context and time.