Letizia  Letizia Mencarini ( is Associate Professor of Demography at the Dept. of Management and Technology of Bocconi University, Fellow at Collegio Carlo Alberto, and Research Associate at Dondena Centre for Research on Social Dynamics of Bocconi University and ISER Research Centre on Micro-Social Change, University of Essex (UK). She is member of the Scientific Board of ‘ Population Review’ and ‘Genus’ demographic journals and part of editorial board of ‘Neodemos’, a web-site on population, society and politics. ( Her research interests include family demography (life-course    analysis, transition to adulthood, family formation and disruption, fertility) and its links with economic and subjective wellbeing, time use, gender issues, and migration in a policy and welfare state perspective.      CV


MarcoMarco Le Moglie is Postdoctoral fellow of the Swellfer project since February 2016. He joined the project as RA in May 2013. He is currently enrolled as Phd student in the “Vilfredo Pareto Doctoral Program” at University of Turin, he had his MA in Economics and Institutions at Tor Vergata University (2012), his MsC in Economics and Social Sciences at Bocconi University (2011) and his BA in European Economics at Tor Vergata University (2008). His main research interests are in Applied Economics and Econometrics.   CV

FrancescaFrancesca Luppi is Postdoctoral fellow of the SWELL-FER project since October 2014. She joined the project as RA in September 2013. She had her PhD in Socio-Demography at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (2015), her MA in Methodology of Research at Università degli Studi di Firenze (2008) and her BA in Sociology at Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca (2005). Her research interests are in family dynamics and life cycle, subjective wellbeing, family policies and gender issues.       CV


ArnieArnstein Aassve is Full Professor in Demography and the Dean for Undergraduate Studies at Bocconi University. He has a PhD in Economics from University of Bristol (UK) and has an academic career from University of Bristol, Leicester, Essex and the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research. His research cuts across Economics, Demography and Sociology and has been funded by European Research Council, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the European Science Foundation (ESF) and the FP7.  CV

brunoBruno Arpino is Assistant Professor at the Department of Political and Social Sciences, Pomepu Fabra University (UPF) and co-director of the Research and Expertise Centre on Survey Methodology (RECSM, UPF). He obtained a Ph.D. in Applied Statistics from the University of Florence (Italy) in 2008 with a thesis titled “Causal inference for observational studies extended to a multilevel setting. The impact of fertility on poverty in Vietnam”. The thesis was awarded by the Italian Statistical Society the price as the best thesis in Applied Statistics 2007/2008. His main research interests are in the areas of causal inference, social statistics and social demography. He is particularly interested in studying intergenerational relationships, fertility, immigrants’ assimilation and health.  CV

PieroPierluigi Conzo is Assistant Professor of Economic Policy at the Dept. of Economics & Statistics “Cognetti de Martiis”, University of Turin. He received his MSc in Development Economics and PhD in Economic Theory and Institutions at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”. He has designed and carried out field studies in developing countries (Argentina, Kenya, Thailand and Sri Lanka) on the impact of microfinance and fair trade as well as lab-experiments on social preferences. His research currently focuses on empirical and experimental analysis of the determinants of socio-economic choices and subjective well-being.

ChiaraChiara Rapallini
is Assistant Professor on Public Economics at the University of Florence from    2005. She had her PhD in Economics at the University of Rome Tor Vergata in 2002 with a thesis on “Household welfare measurement and comparisons: theoretical issues and empirical evidence in the perspective of income tax policy”. She spent research periods in France, Sweden and in United States. It was researcher at the European Research Centre in Rome and has collaborated with the Research Department of the Bank of Italy. Her main research interests are in the household income taxation, fiscal federalism and experimental economics.    CV

DanieleDaniele Vignoli
is Assistant Professor of Demography (permanent position) at the Department of Statistics, Informatics, Applications of the University of Florence. From January 2010 he is an international collaborator of the Stockholm University Linnaeus Center on Social Policy and Family Dynamics in Europe (SPaDE). His research interests include family-related behaviours in industrialised countries, and their interrelationship with the socio-economic status of individuals; international comparisons; small-area demography. He received his PhD in Demography from La Sapienza, University of Rome, in 2008.    CV


GiuliaGiulia Fuochi is RA for the SWELLFER project since April 2014 and currently enrolled in a PhD program in Psychological Sciences at University of Padua. She achieved a M.Sc. in Economic and Social Sciences from Bocconi University in 2011 and a B.Sc. in Psychological Sciences from University of Parma in 2015. Her main research interests include hedonic and eudaimonic well-being dynamics, individual dispositions and personality. She believes in a multidisciplinary approach.  CV


Anna Barbuscia was RA for the SWELL-FER project. She completed a MA in economic and social sciences at Bocconi University in March 2013 with a dissertation on fertility, subjective wellbeing and gender equality among families. Since September 2013, she is trainee at Population Europe, in Berlin. Within the SWELLFER project, her research aimed to explore the relationship between fertility behavior and individual expectations about the effects of childbearing. Her research interests are in fertility dynamics, subjective wellbeing, transition to adulthood and gender issues. She is now PhD student is Sociology at Nuffield College, Oxford.

Tugba Zeydanli was a Postdoctoral fellow of the project from November 2014 to August 2015. She obtained her Ph.D in Economics in 2015 from Paris School of Economics (PSE) and Nova School of Business and Economics (NOVA SBE) under the program of European Doctorate in Economics-Erasmus Mundus (EDE-EM). Broadly, her research interest is applied microeconometrics and happiness economics while labor economics and development economics are her secondary fields. She is now Research/Teaching Fellow at the Department of Economics, Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg.



 Affiliation   Discipline

Anne Gauthier

NIDI, NL Social demographer
Hans Peter Kohler University of Pennsylvania, USA Demographer
Peter McDonald ADSRI, ANU, Camberra, AUS Demographer
Andrew Clark PSE, Paris, F Applied Microeconomist
Stephen Pudney ISER, University of Essex, GB Econometrician

Gøsta Esping-Andersen

Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona,E