Le capitali della felicitá in Italia? Genova e Cagliari. Ma se Milano avesse il mare…

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The capitals of happiness in Italy? Genoa and Cagliari. But if Milan was on the water…

“Life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness” reads the United States Declaration of Independence. These words remind us that striving towards happiness is fundamental in our lives. In this spirit, since last year the UN established the 20th of March to be the International day of Happiness and today we celebrate its second anniversary. But where in Italy people feel happier? What  factors influence Italians´ smile? iHappy index was born to answer this question by analyzing what Italians write on social media. Taking into account data from more than 40 millions tweets collected daily, Genoa emerges as the Italian capital of happiness, with 75.5% of “happy tweets”.  Almost all big cities register small amounts of happiness, with the exception of Florence. Turin, Milan and Naples are among the last classified. But what makes Italians happy? First of all, the weather. Happiness increases consistently with the arrival of the Spring. Then, Christmas time. And, last but not least, the see: if Milan was on the sea side, happiness would increase by 1,3 points.



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